Monday, December 3, 2012

Engagememnt | Naja

Salam and good evening dear fellow readers.
And December, please be good to me, and to you too.

Bulan ini bermakna utk sy dan harap untuk awak jugak dan rakan sy jugak,
Naja Mohamad sebab dah jadi tunangan orang.
Me bila pulak?ehehe..biarlah rahsia :P

Once again, congrats to my dearie Naja.


Those pictures were taken by HazArt Photography.
I don't if she is a beginner or pro because I just knew her.
The photos look nice but for me too much editing would change the beauty, ain't it?
Besides kan, she likes to take object than the person. Creative tp mana muka?
Angle dia cantik but I prefer picture that have stories.
A picture worth a thousand words gitew.
Don't you? Just giving my opinions. No heartbreak ok?
Kalo heartbreak jugak please listen to Demi Lavato. >.<


Haaaaa ni la orangnya Naja. Kecik molek comel gitu.
This picture was taken by her another friend, Nurellman Ismail

Lastly haruslah ada gambar sendiri walaupun comot :(

Selamat malam uols! 

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