Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Le Birthday Celebration

Salam and hello uols!
Yeah..that's my birthday date for this year. If 12.12.12 it would be nicer isn't it?
Tapi ada apa dengan tarikh kalau kita tak letakkan makna pada hari tersebut kan?
For 23 years, I never had a proper celebration with my friends.
December is the holiday month. So since school, kwn akan cakap,
"cuti so tak boleh nak sambut, sori bla bla bla". So dah tak kisah pun.
Kadang2 lupa besday sendiri. Nasib baik ada org tersayang ingatkan. Thank you love!

But but but
For this postgraduate life, every month is the working month. So no excuse!
My dearest labmates gather for the celebration as we all out for dinner at Chillis.
And yeahhhhh first time dine at Chillis. Mana la nak makan kedai mahal tax 16% percent kan.
Kalo kedai mamak dah 5 org boleh makan utk 1 hidangan.
But once in a lifetime mesti la kena try kan so thats when people talks weols boleh menyampuk!hikss

So I ordered beef fajitas. Sounds yummy huh?
How did it looks like?? Something like this..sbb lupa nk capture pic :(

I thought it only beef, but it served with somekind of roti macam capati?
And then you put vegetables on it.
First role: yummy! Second role: hmm ok Third role: about to throw
Beef dia not so well cooked so a bit liat dan susah nak telan.
For me, I give 3 stars je kot? TGI Fridays is so much much better than this.
Tapi menu ayam semua quite ok la kot. Try yourselves lah!hihi

So I would like to thank my labmates for made my day!
May our research work smooth and I love uols. xoxo!

p/s: no present meh? >.<

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