Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth quake 2012 is a daymare

Assalamualaikum and good morning dear readers :)

Kalo tengok tajuk entry sy pasal earth quake.
 Yea I'm wanna tell you about my experience that day although it already a week ago. 
Heh, biasa la lambat update, orang sibok katakan :P

One fine day, which is a public holiday due to Pertabalan Agong, 
my friend and I planned to go out to night market Batu Feringghi but want to watch a movie before that.
Its either at Gurney Plaza or 1st Avenue but then 1st Avenue chosen as we never been there yet.
Around 2.30pm, kami dengan cerianya bergerak ke sana.
Oh of course, my friend dont have their lunch yet so we went to food court first.

Korang rasa ni apa? Laksa? Ya betol 10 markah! Tapi korang tengok balik
apa yang tak kena dengan laksa ni.

Cepat...................I'm waiting here!
Tak perasan ehh? Ada seekor ikan temenung sedang temenung disitu!
What a weird laksa. Never found something like this >.<
But the taste not really bad. Nasib baik, tak jadi nk komplen..hehe

Yea, I'm not eating sebab my romate already cooked sambal tempe!! Yummmm!!

Then bergerak towards our aim, cinema! With that we bought Mirror mirror ticket which was RM12.
Ingatkan RM6 ja sebab hari Rabu, sekali sebab public holiday kena dabel daaaaa :(

The view from the 8th floor. Cantekkkk!

Then we went downstairs to do a little bit shopping! :D
What to buy? What to wear? Shoe? Bag? or Clothes????

Escalator kat sini sangatlah panjang. From 4th floor directly to 8th floor.
Nak buat macam Beijing kot @__@

First impression, wow! Kedai ini sangat menarik! Instead of arrange the shoe according to type,
they arrange according to size and I very like it sebab ada saiz 7 1/2 which is my size :P
From flats, sandals, high-heels to sport shoes, everything is here!
Feeling ala2 Europe gitewww!

Ok Malar decided to buy the shoe after we watch movie sebab nak survey other shops also.
Then we move to clothes shop. Tak sempat Malar nak try baju, the mall was shaking!
Apa lagi, weols berlari2 anak menuju keluar. Empty head! Cant think of anything!

This was the view from the main door. Semua orang lintas jalan tanpa mempedulikan lalu lintas 
(apsal ayat skema sgt ni? eh)
Kereta pakat dok hon, motor mencelah. One word to describe : Havoc!
I want to call my mom but there was no connection for 30 minutes!
Maybe due to tha shaking, talian terganggu kot. Sobss Sobss
That traffic light also shaking vigorously and I'm scared to death.

After 20 minutes I think, keadaan mula tenang and the visitors start to enter the mall back.
Kitorang pun masuk balik because outside is too hot. 
Its already 5pm, so Sha and me went to pray while Malar made a call.

 Dalam mall, people still wandering at ground floor especially at Inquiries counter.
The speaker repeat over and over again that the building is safe and we can continue shoping
tapi ada beberapa kedai yg dah tutup pun, takut berlaku lagi.

Its already 6 o'clock and we moved toward cinema.
 5 minutes watching Mirror mirror and my mom called.
"Pukol 9 ni ada amaran gempa lagi kuat. Balik rumah sekarang! Dont risk ur life for RM12"
Tsskkkkkkk baru 5 mnit tgk citer dah kena balik.
We went straight to car park and forgot to buy shoe for Malar.
Luckily she had bought a cloth, perhaps for tomorrow?

Disebabkan tak sure jalan  nak ke jambatan dari Komtar, kitorang sampai kat Gurney.
What??Gurney?? Kalo jadi Tsunami mmg arwah la tau dak!
Right in front of Gurney Plaza, 2nd earth quake happen. We dont feel much as we were in car
but the people in the mall semua dah lari keluar and we can guess it.
Alhamdulillah tak jadi apa2. Pacu minyak laju2 sampai jambatan with the hope
jambatan tak tutup.
Alhamdulillah again, we safely across the bridge.
 At a simpang kat Kepala Batas, bummmmmm!
My car had been hit from back. Is this a bad sign?, I'm miming.

Maka jam menunjukkan jam 9 malam and we ready for 'something'.
Watching the news and we heard "amaran ditarik balik and nothing happen".
Alhamdulillah again and we o out for dinner :)

The End

Saspen dak??Hehe..tapi seyesly ni lah pengalaman paling buruk penah sy alami.
How about urs?

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