Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vacation | Batu Feringghi

Assalamualaikum and good evening peeps!
Today's entry is continuous to the last entry.

On the last entry, I crita pasal earth quake and rancangan kami utk ke Batu Feringgi tergendala.
On the next morning, cepat2 bukak Astro Awani utk tengok situasi terkini.
Alhamdulillah all the warning have been withdrawn.
It means we can go to Batu Fringgi, yeay!

In the morning went to the lab and did work.
Actually doing nothing sebab tak plan nak buat apa2 pun....sbb nak kuar sebenarnya heh.
So we depart at 4pm. The first destination was Toy Museum. 
Dont know the exact place, just depend on the google map. Use the technology available :)
Then to the beach, but which beach yaaa? Sebut betol2...bukan bitch okeyyy
Hard Rock Cafe lah!! Heeeee :D
Where else to go?? Alang2 dah sampai sini stay sampai malam lah.
Night market here we come!
On the way back, we stop by Straits Quay, a lovely place at night <3

Let the pictures tell the story~
 Shes totally freaking

The monsters and the sexayyy anime

Im the kunfu panda girlfren :D

Tak tau lah diorang ni posing ape. Nak kata takut macam ngantok ja..heh

Looks like setan kan? Really real and it is in human size. Takot tengok

The snow white village :)

 Kesian haa malar terlindung :P

This boy looks really real

Stop by the LADIES...seram nak kencing pun

This uncle is looking at you! yaa YOU!

Musykil apa pakaian dia. Mmg patut pun hidup zaman jahiliyah

Harghhhhh I'll eat if you come near! :P

 Do we look alike because I'm Princess Fiona. Yaa I'm pretty when I turn to human :P

 He is the best!

The traditional barbies
And the winner goes to her!! Her name is white but you call her snow white ;)

Before went out from that museum. Oh yaa forgot to tell. 
This Toy Museum is situated at Tanjung Bungah nearer Paradise Hotel and the fee is RM10/adult.

 Wajib amek gmbar kat sni kan kan..heeee

 Beat the beatles~

 Save the place for two of us

Splashing water from the playground


 Finding seashore by the seaside

 Table for two

Lens pjg sgt tak boleh snap semua >.<

Malam bergerak night market. Dah letih nak usung kamera. Just snap with my hp but lazy to transfer to lappy. Later I update with the instagram photo okey?

Have a nice day :)

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