Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vacation | Pulau Aman

Salam and good morning people. May you have a nice day today :)

During last school holiday, my family and I pi Pulau Aman, Pulau Pinang.
Alah, dekat je..naik not pun 5 minit ja. Kat mana nak naik?
Kat area Batu Kawan tu dah ada signboard ---> Jeti Pulau Aman.
Brapa? Pegi balik naik bot cuma RM6 tapi jgn hilangkan tiket ye!
Ada aktiviti apa? korang ni banyak tanya la. Pi la try baru tau apa yg best...heee :P

Let the pictures do the talks

The view from our homestay

 Do come in to my house :P



 And me again..

Really love this pic ^^
 Starting the photoshoot with the aunts 

 We are happy BIG family...yeay! >.<

She's so natural when it comes to camera

 Love the house. So historical 

 Meet the extra spoiled cat..meowww!

 Tak mahal, cuma RM12/jam....Not me, the kayak of course!

My only little sister

 My uncles who paid all needed but end up in Bersamamu~

It's already twilight. Time to go home. The journey continue tomorrow~

During the night we have BBQ dinner. Mom, aunt, sis and me were gossiping in the room
while the men doing the cook jobs..haha so lazy. The world is upside-down!
So tired and sleep early. Tomorrow need to wake up early to shoot the morning view..heh

 Perkampungan nelayan. So peaceful kan?

 Antara dua benua :D

 The morning brightful!

 The kiddos 

The kayaks team! I'm only do kayaking halfway, then the kayak taken by the boys :(
They went to Pulau Bedong, in front of Pulau Aman.

 Now its time to go home...

Superb like the pic. Taken by my Makteh Muji ^^

Till then..tata


KakLangMia said...

nice pic...
u r so cute ^_^

Fatin Athirah said...

Thank you kak lang :)