Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jalan-jalan Armenian St.

Salam and good afternoon uols!
How's your day going? Hope to fine until night :)

Last week, iols ke LHDN Georgetown. Alang2 dah sampai sana maka merewanglah sampai ke petang. Mencari-cari dimana street mural around Georgetown that mostly known as Armenian Street.
So we got some shots there. Just a a few sebab cuma nak cari jalan. Next time we will come here again to get better quality of the pictures..hew. Need to walk furthermore to find many more mural but  next time okey!
For now, enjoice the pictures from my phone!

 Georgetown view from LHDN.

 14 living story store. More to Chinese culture.

 Some of the handmade items sell at the store.

 Still at the store. I don't know what instrument that uncle played but the music quite nice.

 The famous kid at Armenian St.

 Jangan ushar kakak sgt dik oi :P

This one I forgot the street's name. 

This map show the area of all mural by Ernest Zacharevic.
Need to go around more. For you guys also.
Lets go there together!

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