Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shoot | Fort Cornwallis

Salam and good morning uols!
This week my sister came back again and we went out for shoot yesterday.
Stopped by Komtar to buy stand but unconciously I also bought a new camera bag :D

So here are some pics around there.
Where? Fort Cornwallis, Padang Kota Lama Penang.
Yes u can enter that are (RM2/person) but we only shoot outside, still nice view hah?
Next spot will be Strait Quays :)
Will go out for shoot more often since we already have stand ..hehe

 Meet my sister, Aina Sofia. Yea....she's taller than me =.='

 Since my sister like it, so I put it here :P

 Ain't she look so gorgeous, natural yet talented?

Round and round

Can I be a hulk? +.+

Photog tak pandai bajet frame. Potong abih sana sini :(

 Prison Break

 Trying to meet her at another side

 Us :)

 My new camera bag. Nice hah? Yeayyyyy

What are you looking for?

What for next post about walk around fullhouse ok?
Till meet again.


Tara Ahmad said...

Cantik sangat :)

Fatin Athirah said...

Thank yiu @Tara..nnti datang png kte shoot eh :D

pokcikbobo said...

Blog walking again

Nice entry..we are operating now..drop by at our blogspot as well.Tkyu

saRa k3c!k said...

haha..suka btol tgok sisters 2 org neh shoot. tpi ur lil sis tu mmg talented eh..:) bag camera sooo cool oleh.

Fatin Athirah said...

@pokcikbobo tenkiu.I will :)

@sarakecik adik kami talented kan? geram aih kami posing cam kayu. btw, kami pun in love dgn bag tu..muahaha

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