Monday, May 21, 2012

Grooming with little sis

Salam and good morning.
Yesterday we had grooming seasion. Yea of course with my only little sister.
Yeah again, as usual I become the mak andam and photog
and of course she was the only model =.='

So we try smokey eyeshadow with brown colour and yesssss, we made it!
I thought so.HAHA
So this is the result.


So what do you think? Jadi tak macam ni?
I like her pose, always natural. 
Dah macam international model plak tgk lepas edit lighting.
Tengok la sapa photog nyeee kan...heeee~

Till next post~


Lea Isnawi said...

mcm nadia pun ade


Fatin Athirah said...

Nadia syariani ka lea?
hoho..x prasan la plak