Sunday, March 4, 2012

Campus life in 3 months~

Salam and good evening again ;)

As I mentioned in previous post, sy sekarang dah sambung blajar.
Alhamdulillah I've been accepted and started discussion and reading during November.
Officially I began lab works on Jan 2012 and starting from then I'm staying in hostel.

Oyeah..I'm entering campus life again but this time is different from previous.
Currently staying at Tekun (boley la mai kunjung bilik daku).
Althought the rent is higher than USMKK, the room is bigger and much comfort.
And yes, every weekend I came back home..heee

*my room that not so tidy*

Alhamdulillah, its already 3 months since I've started my study at INFORMM 
(Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine) with degree Health Science (Molecular Medicine).
Surrounded with lots of Chinese and Indian students, I began with no friends.
As the time flows, I start to have malay friends and yes I love them.

*Above- 1st malay friend ever = Dylla*
*Huda*Malar*Sya* Akmar*

Although the campus life not going so well, I'm enjoying it :)
Having friends that cool and sporting.

*An evening at the sea shore. Of course there should be my pic!*

Last month I've received an offer letter for this postgraduate study
 and I start to fall in love with my surrounding right now.
But suddenly I'm also received an offer from IPharm (Institute under USM also)
to do postgraduate study with them. And oyeah, I've rejected the offer from 
AUCMS to be their lecturer because the salary and rules offered is not satisfied !!!
(although I'm struggled in the beginning to get this job *sigh*)
I'm in dilemmmmmmmaaaaaaaa!!!
Sedih pulak nak tinggalkan my lovely friends at INFORMM :'(
Right now there's only one month left. So I'll use this time wisely!

Last but not least,
* View from the bridge. Love it ^^*


Dylla Fadzil said...

comotnya muka dyla hahahahah kbye

saRa k3c!k said...

wahhh..suka lah tgok kak atin ni stdy.. da la course mcm mencabar semacam jee..tapi takpa , kak atin kan rajen.xmacam kami.hehe..gud luck !

Fatin Athirah said...

dyla nmpk tembam..haha

takdak la mencabar sgt sara..btw TQ