Monday, May 3, 2010


She used to be kind
She used to be generous
She used to e talkative
She used to be helpful

But everyday I keep thinking about her
She makes me puzzled
This mind is full of questions
And Its keep burdening me

I'm sorry
I just don't like you
I don't likeyou to be around me
I just can't accept you sincerely

Now, I know you are happy
Although without me around you
I'm glad
I'm glad for you
It's a relief
I'm just sorry

From now on, I'll be gone forr good
And throw this feeling far away

Full Stop


hanisah said...

ni poem or lyrics?
atin wat sndiri? wow...best2.

Cik Gojez said...

sindri...rintihan hati
org kn emo..haha

Amalina E Azmi said...

sayang oi. awat ni. sapakah 'she'?
ak rasa dr dulu g hg dk sebut she she x tau la org tu sama or lain..huhu

if da pape nk story. ak bsedia mendengar and tolong mana yg mampu..huhu ^^

Cik Gojez said...

dh end of story pun...