Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Lover

Suddenly, I'm listing the person I love

It's start during my childhood
There are actually people that do not always contact me,
Meeting just once or twice a year but
They always in my mind and heart
Nabilah,Laila and Najah
We play since we're young till we grow up.

Then I start to be an adolescent
From there I know what love is and
many types of friends
Some are nice,
some always around when we're laughing only
and some are back-stabber
But these two,
whatever they do wrong I'll forgive them
Because I love them very much
To Nisha and Asmahani
I keep want to know what u are doing now.

Strugling for future in short period
Not many that I know from there
But thanks to the only and one...stalker
Although we only meet for just 10 months
And we don't know each other well
but still we be a good friend
that try to know each other well
and try to make each other smile brightly
Because we share a sad memory, time and experience
and only us know..keep smiling baby!

Here and now
I have lots of friend
In need or indeed
But this one person i feel comfortable with
Anis Syafiqah
maybe because we are from same place
Or her blur action make me feel funny
But thanks to her friend to
Nadia,Fasihah and Nadia
because they share the happy moment with me
and I feel cared.Not lonely anymore.

But but but but but but
People that surround me and close to me
U all make my life colourful
Without you I'm nothing
Just a helpless and lonely girl
Thanks for the love that u give
Thanks for making me laugh
Thanks for accompanied me

And all above that

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