Thursday, January 28, 2010

Write U a song~

3 hari lepas my bf soh download dua lgu..dia ckp dia tujukan utk aku..then ak pun dw la...

Write u a song~
I don't know how to make lots of money
I got debts that I'm trying to pay
I can't buy you nice things, like big diamond rings
But that don't mean much anyway
I can't give you the house you've been dreaming
If I could I would build it alone
I'd be out there all day, just hammering away
Make us a place of our own

I will write you a song
That's how you'll know that my love is still strong
I will write you a song
And you'll know from this song that
I just can't go on without you

I don't know that I'd make a good soldier
I don't believe in being violent and cruel
I don't know how to fight, but I'll draw blood tonight
If somebody tries hurting you tonight
I don't know how to make lots of money
I don't know all the right things to do
I can't say where we'll go, but the one thing I know
Is how to be a good man to you
Until I die that's what I'll do
Give me more loving than I’ve ever had
Make me feel better when I’m feeling sad
Tell me I’m special even though I know I’m not
Make me feel good when I hurt so bad
Barely getting mad
I’m so glad I found you
I love being around you
You make it easy
Its as easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4
There’s only one thing
To Do
Three words
For you, I love you
There’s only one way to say
Those three words
That’s what I’ll do
I love you~

Soooooo sweet~
although it not true but it melts my heart
When u mean that way
My love grow stronger 4 u
thanx 4 ur love..sincere and
I Truly Always Luv U~


miss keroppi said...

mcm shweett..nak donlod gokz...hehe

Cik Gojez said...

dh dw ka nad??
sweet kn...
trasa cm bf ak yg nyanyi kt ak..haha

miss keroppi said...


Cik Gojez said...

x dpt dw ka x dpt cari??
Plain white T's - 1234, write u a song..mayb tenet slow kot..
try dw pagi..huhu