Friday, November 20, 2009

Days at home

1st day

After 1 hour sleep in d bus n 1 hour
sleep on d bed, mom woke me up.
There was a funeral of my mother's
best friend that i love most (Makcik
I still can hear her laugh, her speech
n everything about her.
I cant see her that day coz it really
rip my sad(T_T)
After the funeral procession I felt
like fainting coz not enough sleep,
eat n rest...then we went to Nasi Ayam
Periuk Besar..hehehe

2nd day

Yesterday i'm not feeling well..arghhh...
itchy all around d face...duh!!
but still i can go to car4..hahaha
After I fetched my little sis we went
all we eat....I'm full!!
Then I met my very2 old fren..Najah Basyirah
(my primary's school fren)..she was so
hardworking...go to work every semester
break...If only I can b like her..(mls..huhu)
I oso met my scndary school fren..Molek n Afiq.
On d way back home I met Nabilah n Laila too..
mayb yesterday was Meeting Frens Day..haha
Feel like I want to meet all my old frens
during this sem.break..but I'm sure tym not
allowing....I miss u guys!!

3rd day

Cold n Fever!!!Really uncomfortable..
Want to go to clinic but still on d
bed....with laptop in front me, feel like
my fever going away...HOw come my laptop
can cure me??hahaha
Tonite is Nur Kasih last episode...
really want to know will Adam die or not??
Hopefully not...Kesian kat Alia kalo
Aidil kawen ngn Nur..haha
Jom....sama2 kta tgk...

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